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In the last few years, the rental property market has presented a unique opportunity in which investors from all walks can take advantage of low interest rates and consistent cash flow that produce excellent return on investment. XL Property Management can help new and seasoned investors break into this market and will handle this process from start to finish. Whether you are seeking long-term rental income or short term gains, XL Property Management has the tools and skills to help you achieve your financial goals.


XL Property Management - Investment Property Services


Property Locator - XL Property Management continuously searches and documents distressed sale and high return-on-investment (ROI) rental real estate listings. We can provide you with a list of properties to choose from and provide expert advice on suggested purchase price and rental rates for the area. Remember, we are licensed MI Realtors and can help you all the way to the closing table.


ROI Analysis - XL Property Management will complete a return-on-investment analysis detailing owner investments, annual revenue and expenses and will help you choose which properties may be the best fit for your financial situation and your investment goals.


Remodeling Services - XL Property Management has the on staff personnel and a network of licensed subcontractors who will have your new property rent ready as quickly as possible while keeping the project within budget. Your initial investment can be producing cash in no time at all! The more work a property may need, the less the initial purchase price might be.


Marketing & Leasing - XL Property Management will market your new investment property immediately after construction is complete and will have a qualified tenant generating revenue on your investment right away.


Property Management - XL Property Management will continue to professionally manage your property as it does for other clients and investors. Effectively managing your properties will result in well maintained units, stable monthly income and added value should you decide to sell your property or diversify your portfolio.


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Partner with XL Property Management